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Crown Green Energy(Crown Green Energy Technology Inc. and Suzhou Crown Green Energy Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional company engaged in the wholesale,import and export businessof LED lamps as well as other related electronic components,cartons and offering consulting services.Our company is located in Taipei and the ancient city of Suzhou which is known as “above there is heaven, below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”. We keep operating in good faith, customer service, energy saving and carbon reduction as our rules. We are bound to uphold the noble moral philosophy and insist on providing the best products as well as the most sincere service for customers all around the world. By doing these, we aim at establishing a high-quality enterprise based on integrity and sustainable management.
     We see “living low-carbon life, cherishing the earth, benefiting our future” as the whole company’s spiritual pursuits. We adopt environmentally-friendly and low-carbon conception from the energy-saving period and strive for aesthetic lighting artistic effect in the lighting application of our products which can perfectly demonstrate color charm of LED as a new generation of light source.
     We are here for our customers’ demands, see energy-saving and carbon reduction as our duties and     expect to play the role as the driver of protecting the ecological environment of the earth.    From beginning to end, our customers' high satisfaction isour pursuit and “satisfactory service” is the    primary working standards of our employees.