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1 Ben all content, where the indication "Source: All text, images, audio and video information, copyright belong Crown Green Energy company, any media, websites or individuals without the agreement authorized shall not be reproduced, link, posted or otherwise copy released / published. authorized Ben agreement, media, website, download must be marked "Source: Offenders Ben Wang will by law be held accountable.

Where annotated "Source: XXX" text / Chart manuscript, Ben reproduced for the purpose of passing more information, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of its contents.

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have been made shall not be reproduced or unauthorized content shall not be reproduced declared;
c. not referenced by the site signed or Ben, Ben copyright content reproduced works of others;
Ben specific graphics, logos, page style, layout, procedures, etc.;
specifically authorized or registered users eligible for knowing the contents of the e. Ben must have;
f. law does not permit or this website that content not suitable reproduced.

3, reproduced or the reference site content must be based on the news or information the public free information for the purpose of reasonable, good faith references, not the original intent of the site content misinterpreted, modify, and must retain the site noted "Source" , and conceited copyright liability.

4, reproduced or references Ben contents shall not carry out the following activities:
a damage to the site, or the interests of others;
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d. unauthorized agree that others continue to reprint reference Ben contents;

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