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    Crown Green Energy (Crown Green Energy Technology Inc. and Suzhou Crown Green
Energy Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.), in line with the original intension of
caring about the society and fulfilling the social responsibility, decides to shape
our company as a model enterprise which manages in good faith, cares about the
society, loves the earth and operates sustainably.
    Here are the highest guiding principles for the company business development,
hope the company's employees, no matter when and where to keep the standard and
act it, treat yourselves strictly and further to affect the surrounding friends,
family and customers.
    We believe we can make it, looking forward to your supervision and your joining
is also welcomed to make effort to create a peaceful and advanced society, which is
also our duty to play a good role of a citizen on the earth.
    Strictly abide by integrity, morality first!

    Advocating morality, abide by the conscience, reveal the human nature!

    Reasonable manner, a sound basis and orderly!

    Preserving Dignity, gentleman is something because something does not!

    Care for the community, help others, ask for nothing in return!

    Exercise self-discipline, be lenient towards others!

    Cherish the opportunity, self requirement, don't be reluctant to others!

    Respect for others, don't attack others for joy!

    Reduce carbon emissions, encourage small start!

    Be generous to win popularity, also the achievement of personal accomplishment!

    Live low-carbon life, be kind to the earth, benefit the future!