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Company Culture

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Crown Green Energy (Crown Green Energy Technologies Inc. and Suzhou Electronic
Technology Co., Ltd) in the society, to fulfill the purpose of corporate social responsibility,
the determination to shape the company to become business integrity, caring society,
caring for the earth's environmental sustainable management model of enterprises.

The following is the highest guiding principle for the company's business development.

We expect our employees to be sure of their own standards, regardless of when and

where they are going, to influence their friends, family and customers
We believe that we can do it, and we look forward to your supervision, and we hope

that you will join hands to create a peaceful and progressive society efforts, and thus

serve the role of good citizens of the earth for the post.


Strictly observe honesty and morality first.
Advocating morality, keeping conscience and showing human nature.
According to the advance and retreat, be neither humble nor pushy, well behaved
In maintaining dignity, a gentleman has something to do with something.
Care for society, eager to help others, no return.
To be broad-minded toward others.
Cherish opportunities, self demands, not force others.
Respect others, do not attack him as a joy.
Energy saving and carbon reduction, practice, start from small.