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Grown Green Energy Group (Crown Green Energy Technologies Inc. and Suzhou Crown

Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd.) team long-term focus on electronic industry

management, R&D, production work, especially in the practical experience of power supply

has been more than 25 years, the world well-known manufacturers of notebook computer

are the team of more than 25 years of partnership. With rich experience in electronic

components and power supply module over the past 25 years, we deeply know, only to

maintain the high reliability, high quality and high quality service, the customer can sign

the trust and support us. In view of this, the company adhere to integrity management,

sincere service.

The LED lamps of the customers, we insist on early only to provide products of high-quality

customer required and necessary consultation service, we provide relevant interim

installation recommendations consultation, we provide long-term customers three years

quality assurance and customer service service at the permanent.

The electronic components of the customer, we provide world-class quality and reliability

of high-quality electronic components, uphold the past rich practical experience can also

provide customers design advice, long-term stable and reliable delivery guarantee, positive

and effective customer service service, all this is in order to meet customer needs.

We firmly believe that the company's strength comes from the concept of products of high

standard and real execution, products of our high standards to meet the needs of

customers and to ensure that the interests of customers, we do the execution to ensure that

our business philosophy can be extended and guaranteed. In the process of constant pursuit

of better, we have even the details are only sure to do better, we can really get customer