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 Crown green energy adheres to the people-oriented conception, insisting on attracting  employees with bright future and encouraging people with wonderful career. We aim to create a good environment for the growth of talents by establishing scientific and effective personnel system. Adhering to provide a big stage for every employee, at the same time, we would like to offer them chances to achieve successes and realize their own values.

In the aspect of choosing and employing personnel, our company insists on respecting talents and creation. Instead of only paying attention on the educational background, we emphasize on the ability. We pay more attention on employees’ achievements, abilities and potentials. Mobilize their enthusiasm, activity and creation by establishing a fair competing system and give them a stage to play full use of their ability. We aim to let proper people do proper work.

Adhere to the conception that equality for all and caring for personnel. There’re no level differences between people but responsibilities. Our company respects for every employee’s personality and pursuit and encourages them to promote their own abilities. We also recognize them for their achievements. Meanwhile, we keep on the belief that developing our company on employees as well as for them, sharing success with them, focusing on mutual benefits and advocating cooperation between the big team.

--People-oriented—We see employees as the basic strength which supports the enterprise and employ personnel strategy to construct a enthusiastic, knowledgeable and technological team who can stand the bitter and have good manners. Encouraging them to learn knowledge by themselves and become self-confident. Strengthen the training on employees, give them opportunities to gain the sense of safety, belonging and accomplishment and guarantee them of financial support.

--Honest work—Integrity should be the basic characteristic of a company and its employees. Honesty is the basis of human life and the rule of work and life skills. Manage a corporate honestly and do every work well to establish a honest company with sincere employees.

--Treat people with sincerity—we require all of our employees to be honest to people around them either inside or outside the company. We wish every employee in our company to form an awareness of improving self-cultivation in doing business.

Firm standpoint, kind manner, honest work, treat people with honesty, do as you would be done by, Do good deed no matter how small it could be, and don't do evil no matter how tiny it seems.

We deeply believe that if we want to establish an honest, high quality and long-term running enterprise, we must start from hiring kind, innocent, warm-hearted, honest, active and pragmatic employees.