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Welcome and thank you for coming.

Crown Green Energy Technologies Inc.
Suzhou Crown Green Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Our official website will continue to update and improve, look forward to providing you
with more LED lighting products and LED lamps related information, as you choose
LED lamps reference.

Crown Green Energy Technologies Inc. and Suzhou Crown Green Electronic Technology
Co., Ltd. has been established for more than five years, the five years of our customers
have experienced we provide three years warranty commitment, now second three years
is about to expire, we use the actual results to demonstrate our commitment to product
quality assurance, with good quality products for long time and high reliability, that can
also get our customers trust and affirmation.

Our team has been focused on the electronics industry for more than 30 years, from the
LED lighting industry has yet to take off before beginning, continue to focus on products,
absorb the experience, improve the product safety, performance and reliability as the main
task of development, to provide consumers with a real price is high quality goods,
real environmental protection type product responsibility.

From the beginning, adhere to the quality and development, through the efforts of these
years, also due to our past experience in learning from mistakes and improvement, makes
our products have very good quality and reliable records, reflect the normal LED lighting
products really should be safety and reliability.

In addition to providing regular LED lighting products, we also provide customers with quality,
professional consultation, planning and improve the pre-sale quickly products customer service,
consistent affirmation and trust has been well received by many customers at home and abroad
in the product and service.

Finally, thank you for the support and affirmation of the company, all you can in the official website
of the introduction of the company products and related information of the LED lamp on the screen,
hope can bring you convenience in life and work, wish you good health, family happiness, success in
work, thank you for your career development!

Crown Green Energy Technologies Inc.
Suzhou Crown Green Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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