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Taiwanese LED-Lamp Makers Report Hefty Orders for Q4, 2012
Published:2013-04-28 16:51:00 Publisher:Celine

      Taiwan’s leading LED-lighting manufacturers claim to have received hefty orders for the fourth quarter of 2012 thanks to increase in inventory buildup by Chinese retailers for the upcoming Chinese New Year season, LED replacements of traditional lamps in Europe and America, and the Taiwan government procurements for a massive LED lighting project.

    W.H. Jiang, general manger of Delta Electronics Inc.’s LED operation, pointed out that the company’s shipments of LED light bulbs, light tubes and direct-view lighting modules have been brisk so far this quarter thanks to vigorous LED replacements of traditional lamps.

    He estimated the company’s LED shipments to surge 15-20% this quarter from last quarter, bucking the traditional low season, with revenue from lighting sales is estimated to rise at least 30% this year.

    Jiang pointed out that orders from Japanese brand-name suppliers have been also strong for the company’s E11 and E26 light tubes, as well as JEL801 bulbs, which he says will drive growth for the next quarter.

    Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.’s vice president, S.C. Hsu, pointed out that rush orders from China for the upcoming Chinese New Year season have arrived after those for the Christmas season, and that the boom will continue into the next quarter.

    Hsu estimated the company’s revenue from LED-lighting sales for next year may double although the company aims for growth at annual 15-20%.

    Taiwan government has started a project this month to replace the existing 320,000 mercury streetlights throughout this island with LEDs, which will drive sales for the island’s LED makers.

    Executives of Leotek Electronics USA Corp., a subsidiary of Everlight, said the company will bid for the government’s LED streetlight contracts backed by 20 years in overseas LED streetlight market.